• Engineering support (Product and Test Engineering/Manufacturing)
  • Software/Firmware development
  • Automated Test System development
  • Test Equipment Leasing/Rental
  • Value Added Engineering / Reselling (VAR) of Power Supply Systems


  • Professional Electronic Testing/Screening
  • Technical Consulting and Assistance
  • Out of Warranty / Warranty Repair
  • Procurement
  • Packaging Assembly
  • Rework Assembly
  • Refurbishment
  • Cosmetic Repair
  • Manpower / Engineering Support
  • Failure Analysis

What We Rework & Repair: Any electronic power system in computer/network system, telecommunications, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), Out of Warranty Repair for EOL products


       Our company is comprised of knowledgeable team of professionals and experts for the complete rework and repair of any power supply. We are an independent developer of Automated Test Equipment (ATE) systems and Test Program Sets (TPSs)  offering a wide range of solutions that support electronic test applications. Our team has been involved with the supply and development of ATE, TPS, contract manufacturing, equipment repair, manufacturing rework and repacking, accurate evaluation of equipment and  assessment of repair needs.

        Our company is equipped with various tools - Engineering/Failure Analysis lab tools (basic engineering tools, thermal chamber, thermal imager, 3D scanner, CNC machines, PCB machines, microprobers / microscopes, various power sources/loads, network analyzer, parameter analyzer, component analyzer, low to 1MHz impedance analyzer, curve tracer, power tools, etc...). We are open to acquire any special tools necessary to deliver projects. These make us self-contained and always ready.


       "We value our customer satisfaction. Thus, we are committed to improve the quality of our products/services while driving for lower overall cost solution. We strive to deliver beyond minimum customer expectation."

       "We value our people satisfaction. We recognize our people importance to product delivery. We strive to keep them focus and well taken care of."

       "We value our vendor satisfaction. We recognize their importance in bringing us quality products."

        "Altogether, we aim Sky high."

SkylarUS Engineering & Trading

129 East Curtis Avenue

Milpitas, CA 95035